Quality questions

Where are Juicies made?

Juicies are made in our second generation, family owned, production facility at Brightwater, in Te Tauihu, the top of the South Island, New Zealand.

If Juicies has no added sugar, where does the sweetness come from?

There’s no need to add sugar to Juicies as they’re naturally sweet from our freshly pressed apples and fruit.

Is it OK to eat melted Juicies?

Yes. Juicies are so refreshing to eat as a frozen ice treat during hot summer days and equally delicious when melted. Juicies are only made from fruit juice. Once you’ve had one, you’ll want another!

Do Juicies need to be stored frozen?

Yes. Juicies need to be stored frozen. If they do get thawed, just like fruit juice, they should be kept chilled and consumed within three days.

Why are your apples not-quite-right?

It’s important to us that wherever we can, we take action against the global growing food waste problem. Supermarkets have strict guidelines on the size and shape of their fruit and therefore, the fruit that doesn’t fit their criteria can go to waste. We ensure that doesn’t happen in our neighbourhood.

Sustainability questions

Is the Juicies packaging recyclable?

Yes. Juicies packaging is made from PE (recycle number 4). PE is recyclable through REDcycle in Australia and NZ Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme in New Zealand.

Before you put your Juicies wrapper in a REDcycle collection bin at your local Woolworths or Coles store, make sure it’s clean and as dry as possible.

To find out what happens to your Juicies wrapper click here

How sustainable/green is your production facility/supply chain?

As a business we care about our environment and have a goal to continuously improve so we do not contribute to environmental and climate degradation. We have developed many improvements around our sustainability practices and waste streams. Recyclability is an important factor we consider when selecting packaging and packaging suppliers for Juicies.

If you would like to know more about our sustainable journey and some of our environmental initiatives click here

Ingredient questions

Why has Juicies changed to a 4 Star Health Rating from 5 stars?

Food Standards Health Star Rating guidelines have changed.  Juicies hasn’t changed – they are the same natural product and under the new standards has a 4 Star rating.

I’m allergic to x. Do your Juicies have gluten/nuts/dairy/fish etc?

None of our Juicies contain allergens. You can find a list of ingredients printed on the pack. Juicies are made from freshly pressed fruit.

Are there colours or preservatives in Juicies?

We don’t add preservatives or colours in the making of Juicies. Juicies are 100% natural.

Are Juicies Gluten Free?


Are your Juicies Halal?

Yes. Our Juicies are Halal suitable.

Are your Juicies Kosher?

No. Our Juicies are not Kosher certified.

What are the Natural Flavours that you use?

Our flavours that we use in Juicies are derived from fruit flavours recovered from concentration of high quality juice and are all natural, free of additives and preservatives and contains no foreign or extraneous matter. In addition our company has a no GMO policy so there are No Genetically modified ingredients /additives.

Where can I purchase them?

My local store only has Juicies Tropical. Where can I get other Juicies flavours?

Juicies Tropical, Lemonade and Wildberry are now available in Woolworths, Coles & independent supermarkets. Click on the Where to Buy tab to find your nearest store.

How do I get Juicies for my school canteen?

If you are a principal, school canteen manager or another school staff member or representative then please contact us. We will then have your local distributor contact you with all the relevant information specific to your State and suburb in Australia.

I have a shop and want to stock Juicies. How do I do that?

Stay tuned!

I’m overseas and want to buy your products for my business.

Contact us directly @ hello@juicies.co.nz and we will be in touch!

Price questions

When are Juicies on promotion?

That’s our secret (joke). To be honest, we are not sure ourselves. It’s up to the supermarkets!

General questions

How do you open Juicies?

There is no right or wrong way to open Juicies, but here are the most common methods to open your Juicies packet:

  1. Snip or tear away just the corner of your Juicie and suck the contents through the hole. This is the favourite method for those that want the longer lasting Juicie
  2. Cut with scissors along the top, or just the corner, you can even cut your Juicie in half if you are sharing. Make sure you measure each half and select the larger one before your sibling grabs it!

Do you support charities or fundraising initiatives?

Contact us directly hello@juicies.co.nz and we will try to help.